DaedalusX64 SVN Revision 755 がリリースされました。

DaedalusX64 SVN Revision 755 がリリースされました。https://livedoor.blogimg.jp/nam_games/imgs/7/4/74d36004.png

DaedalusX64 SVN Changelog:
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 560 - Corn
[!] Fixed BSOD in Duck Dodgers (TMEM palette)
Rev 561 - Salvy
[!] ForceMtx(2) takes two cmds so skip' em (reduces significantly Dlist size of games that use it)
Rev 562 - Corn
[!] avoid concatenation/multiplication of world and projection matrices for CBFD and PD (small speed up)
[!] use aligned loads and saves for matrix multiplication in psprenderer (small speed up)
Rev 563 - Corn
[-] Reverted some of the aligned matrix multiplications since for some reason they are unaligned?
Rev 564 - Corn
[!] Fixed matrix alignment (including DKR)
Rev 565 - Corn
[!] Refinements in VFPU TnL code for small speed up
[!] Fixed matrix stack limits to proper values
[!] Save some memory with smaller indices buffers
Rev 566 - Salvy
[!] Some more optimizations in copying data with vectors (~20 ops)
Rev 567 - Salvy
[!] Simplified Light Colour (VFPU TnL needs to be updated!!)
Rev 568 - Corn
[!] Ambient light change is now compatible with VFPU TnL code (standard and Perfect dark)
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 569 - Corn
[!] Indice buffer is now 256
[!] Clean up among the hacks
Rev 570 - Salvy
[!] Some optimizations in copying data with vectors in Texrect/Flip (~29 ops)
Rev 571 - Corn
[!] Pass values by reference in coordinate translation function
Rev 572 - Salvy
[+] Daedalus can now be translated to any language (not used yet, will add Spanish translation as example and leave the rest to the community)
[~] Some clean ups to some redundant code
Rev 573 - Salvy
[!] Identified most strings to be translated (We can start translating now)
[!] Some improvements and clean ups to Translation codebase
Rev 574 - Salvy
[+] Added menu to switch languages (WIP!!!) can be found in Global Settings
Rev 575 - Salvy
[!] More work and clean ups when loading languages to GUI
Rev 576 - Salvy
[!] Reverted 573 (I'll use a way better method to identify strings =)
Rev 577 - Salvy
[+] Use a more robust method to identified strings (we'll hash each string and thus we can translate any string without having all the redundant stuff all over our strings)
Rev 578 - Salvy
[~] Forgot to update makefile
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 579 - Corn
[!] small optimizations in TnL for CBFD and PD
Rev 580 - Salvy
[!] Alot of improvements and fixes to translation codebase (Is fully working now)
[+] Added Spanish translation by niccoooodu61
Rev 581 - Salvy
[!] Made language switching friendlier (language changes will happen instantly too)
[!] More clean ups to remove redundancies
Rev 582 - Salvy
[!] Fixed translated strings not showing correctly when wrapping
[~] Simplified codebase abit more (All strings are interpreted as UTF8 anyways)
[!] Use INTRAFONT_CACHE_ALL instead of INTRAFONT_CACHE_ASCII (was causing some random issues with unicode strings)
Rev 583 - Salvy
[!] Updated Spanish translation (Ricot)
[+] Added Russian translation by Scarecrow
[+] Added French translation by niccoooodu61
[+] Added Brazilian translation by Lev Tolstoi
Rev 584 - Salvy
[!] Fixed ancient regression that was breaking most unicode strings
[!] Translations will fall back to use intrafont's manual linebreaking feature (our auto-linebreaking can't handle unicodes)
[+] Handle special chars as newline when parsing language files (Needed by intrafont's linebreaking)
Rev 585 - Salvy
[!] Fixed memory leak in cheat feature
[!] Fixed translations switching to default when accessing pause menu (thnx Ricot for reporting it)
[!] Fixed language list being inconsistent (thnx Ricot for reporting it)
[!] One more fix when wrapping translated text (thnx pzu for reporting it)
[!] Simplify getting language name
[!] No longer register a sysevent handler when using volatile memory (Was breaking exception handler, also volatile memory now works in signed builds)
[!] Use scePowerLock to disable power switch and thus "disable" suspend mode (needed when using volatile memory)
Rev 586 - Salvy
[!] Avoid translating strings when hash fails
[!] Increased translated text array
Rev 587 - Salvy
[!] Updated Spanish translation (Ricot)
Rev 588 - Salvy
[-] opps!
Rev 589 - Salvy
[!] Fix translated text height is not calculated correctly when breaking lines
[!] Load translations to volatile memory and only unload if using a different language
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 590 - Corn
[!] Check for Off screen rendering in Tri1, 2 and 4 is now for CBFD only and skips the whole list at once thus avoiding checking individual tris (small speed up)
[!] If Off screen rendering is true, TnL is skipped for Conker (small speed up)
[~] Small cosmetic change in GUI text (will this break translations?)
Rev 591 - Salvy
[!] Is now possible to translate savestate menu, battery/time status, splash screen, daedzone screen and other strings.
[!] Some clean ups in translation codebase
[!] Only fetch language files once
[!] Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Scarecrow)
[!] Updated Spanish translation (Ricot)
Rev 592 - Salvy
[!] More text in About screen can be translated
Rev 593 - Salvy
[!] Fixed Min/Max text overlapping in Adjust DeadZone Screen
[!] Typo from last commit that broke time/bat stats display_height
[!] Updated Spanish translation (Ricot)
Rev 594 - Salvy
[!] Cosmetic changes to battery/time stats
[!] Draw battery/time stats in one go
[!] Center align battery/time stats
Rev 595 - Salvy
[!] Updated Brazilian Portuguese (Scarecrow)
[!] Simplified translate parsing
Rev 595 - Corn
[+] Added SM64 Star Road and Christmas Carnival ROMs
[+] Added Camera Control Cheat code for SM64 Star Road
[!] Fixed a typo in cheats file
Rev 597 - Salvy
[!] Removed both CoverFlow GUI and compatibility info (RomSelector is now ~2k lines smaller). As discussed here: http://forums.daedalusx64.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3799
Rev 598 - Salvy
[!] Updated Russian translation (pzu)
[-] Removed all compatibility codes from roms.ini
[-] Removed GUI selector option (no longer used)
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 599 - Corn
[!] Bigger cover art picture and other rearrangements in classic GUI
[!] Changed chunk size for ROM cache
[!] added -fpredictive-commoning to makefile, 5% speed up in some cases (tnx Salvy)
Rev 600 - Salvy
[!] Reduced number of ucode cache entries to 6 (Max ucodes I ever seen per game is 4 anyways)
[!] Don't cache ucodes globally, only per game (to avoid hitting max of entries and spreading too far)
[!] Revert change to chunk size for ROM cache
Rev 601 - Salvy
[!] Removed sysevent.prx (no longer needed)
[!] Tidy ME initialization
Rev 602 - Corn
[!] Fixed small bug in VFPU TnL code for PD
Rev 603 - Salvy
[+] Added Italian translation by kakarotto
[+] Added Dutch translation by grivy
[!] Is now possible to hash/dump your own strings erg hash.txt (Just use DAEDDAED value in your language file to prompt Daedalus to do so)
[~] Minor corrections to Spanish translation
[-] Removed compatibility with compressed ROMs (Daedalus no longer reads compressed ROMS, didn't work well in the PSP due the limited amount of memory anyways, and just the unzip lib alone added a good amount of bloat to the binary)
[!] Updated unzip lib from 0.15 to 1.01h
Rev 604 - Salvy
[!] Forgot this
Rev 605 - Salvy
Rev 606 - Salvy
[!] Updated Spanish translation (Ricot)
[!] Updated French translation (niccoooodu61)
[!] Tyde compile flag to disable compressed Roms support, also disabled remaining code used for it.
[~] Reverted Rom cache size change for Phat PSPs
[~] Some small cleans ups
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 607 - Salvy
[!] Allocate the entire extra memory of PSP Slim and newer models (32mbs in total)
[+] Added a new option (Found in Global Settings) which allows you to use either Rom cache (default, slower but faster boot time) or Rom Buffer (faster, but slower boot time, since it has to buffer the entire Rom to the Ram, Note: Any Rom bigger than 32mbs will fall back to use Rom Cache)
[!] Don't allocate RomCache if we load the whole ROM (Rom Buffer)
[!] Don't allocate memory for VideoManager (Was used to fall back if running out of VRAM, happens very rare [about 3 known games, we could use the volatile memory for this eventually?] )

All of these is a nop for PSP Phat and any PSP not using CFW or HEN
Note: This is a WIP!!!!
Rev 608 - Salvy
[!] Clean ups and fixes to previous commit
Rev 609 - Corn
[+] Add 1.5MB of volatile RAM to the memory pool for textures (SLIM->5.5MB and PHAT->3.5MB)
Rev 610 - Salvy
[!] Fixed PHAT compatibility with recent changes
[!] Made conditions when using large Rom cache or Rom buffer, more safely to avoid any unwelcome bugs ;)
[!] Some clean ups
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 611 - Corn
[!] Made ROM cache lines equal length regardless of cache size
[-] Removed debug info
[!] Changed description text for ROM buffer/cache
Rev 612 - Salvy
[~] More clean ups to ROMFileMemory
[!] Made more robust when Allocating and freeing ROM Cache/Buffer
[+] Create memory pool for PHAT as well to avoid fragmentation and keep things neat
Rev 613 - Salvy
[!] Updated French translation (niccoooodu61)
[!] Huge clean up (redundant code, unnecessary checks/asserts etc) in our RomFile code
[!] Removed nasty hack I had when either reading to header of Rom or loading Rom completely (everything is allocated separately now to avoid this sort of bugs..)
Rev 614 - Salvy
[+] Added quick loading bar for ROM buffer (based from our compressed Rom loading bar, pretty much a test...)
Rev 615 - Corn
[!] Fixed ROM buffer loading screen showing progress bar
[!] fixed text for buffer modes
Rev 616 - Salvy
[!] Fixed typo in hash in all translations
[!] Only try to load language files once when system inits
[!] Fixed crash when number of language files changed
[+] Conserve the order of languages, regardless if their number was changed
[!] Increase ROM cache size for PHAT from 2MB to 4MB
Rev 617 - Salvy
[!] Fixed potential bug in our home button implementation with signed builds under FW 6XX or higher
[!] Slight change to our loading screen for ROM buffer
[!] Updated roms.ini with latest changes
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Take screenshot:スクリーンショットを撮ります
Resume Emuration:ゲームに戻ります
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Edit Preferences の説明 
Texture Update Check:マリオカートのような いくらかのゲームで必要です
FrameSkip: フレームをスキップして動作速度を速くします
Limit Framerate:動作速度が通常以上に出ないように制限します
Double Display Lists:ゴールデン・アイなどのいくらかのゲームによって必要です
Dynamic Recompilation:大部分の動作速度が出ている所で働きます
Dynamic Stack Optimisation:余分な速度のために Dynamic Recompilation で働きます
High Level Emulation:動作速度が向上し安定に動作します
Disabled -  音が出ません ※動作速度が最も速くて一番安定しています
Sync - 音が出ます ※動作速度は遅くなりますが それなりに安定しています
Async - 音が出ます ※動作速度は速いですが不安定です
Controller: コントローラー設定をします

設定を変更した ら Confirm Settings を ×ボタン で選択して設定を保存します。
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Clean Scene:Clean Scene 機能が有効にする Increase VI Event:ペーパーマリオのようなゲームでの画面のちらつきを抑えますがゲームによっては動作が遅くなる場合があります
Dynamic Loop Optimisation:有効にすると 少し動作速度が向上しますが、いくらかのゲームが動かなくなります
GoldenEye TLB Hack:ゴールデンアイのゲームで TLB ハックを有効にします
Double Display Lists:Double Display Lists 機能を有効にします
Disable Simulate Double:シュミレート Double Display を無効にします
View Port Hack:Super Bowlling 64 で View port Hack を有効にします
Disable Flat Shade:Flat Shade を無効にします

設定を変更したら Confirm Settings を ×ボタンで選択して設定を保存します。